As of 11/10/2023, 81 California Cities have passed resolutions supporting our mission.(The number of resolutions passed is actually higher, but the count only includes resolutions that we have actually received signed copies.)

Many Cities have taken the extra effort to pass a resolution in support of our mission. Below you can find a sortable list of the Cities that have passed such resolutions, the date it was passed, and a copy of the signed resolution with the voting record from when the resolution was voted on in that city's public Council meeting. This list does not include Cities who have already passed the resolution but not yet provided us with a signed copy, or Cities who are at some stage of putting forth our resolution for action at a future Council meeting, of which there are many.

If you are interested in passing a resolution like the cities below, please feel free to download this resolution template which you can customize as needed.

CityDate Passed
California Cities for Local Control - 2023