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Sacramento Legislators continue their attack on Cities ability to manage their own land-use and zoning. And CCLC is continuing our efforts to bring attention to the bills that impact cities in this way, and to lobby legislators to stop the passage of these types of bills, and instead support bills that encourage desired behaviors, while respecting the individuality of Cities.

Our Neighborhood Voices

While SB9 and SB10 did pass in the the 2021 legislative session, CCLC still supports efforts to minimize or even stop the impacts of these bills. One way is the continued support of the ballot initiative by ‘Our Neighborhood Voices’, which is now being setup to try to get on the November 2024 ballot. And another way we are helping to fight back is via legal efforts, of which several options are in progress.

CCLC will continue to highlight good and bad bills impacting local land-use and zoning, as well as keep everyone up to date on the efforts to get a ballot initiative on the ballots to allow the voters a say. And lastly, we will share ways Cities can get involved in the legal battles, which stand the best chances of success with the support of many Cities. We hope you will continue to support our efforts!

Join in our efforts now! Together, we can stop Sacramento from "unplanning" our communities.

California Cities for Local Control, a grassroots organization founded in July 2020 by Torrance City Council Member Mike Griffiths, is an advocacy group for local control over zoning and land use decisions. Councilmember Griffiths has assembled a volunteer organization of several dozen people from all around California, including other elected officials, homeowner group representatives, city planners, and passionate homeowners, all sharing the common belief that Local Governments should remain the ultimate decision makers for how their communities are built.

Our volunteers are tasked to reach out to every elected Mayor and Councilmember for every city in California, and to identify those elected officials who feel the same way about how our cities are managed. We believe that joining like-minded elected officials together around a common mission will send a strong, united statement to those involved in the state bill-making process. This is a massive undertaking that no other organization has attempted. But we believe that the goal is worth this effort.


Our mission is to spread awareness and enlist support to ensure that Cities can continue to manage their own land use and zoning issues. We must not allow the State Legislature to mandate changes to our Cities that will remove local control and be detrimental to our communities.

We do this by reaching out to California City Elected Officials to educate and enlist them to our cause. Our activities include, but are not limited to, signing onto petitions, having Cities pass resolutions in support of our efforts, and seeking out allies for possible legal action against the State and/or to promote efforts for a ballot initiative to legislate the desired results.

With this alliance of City Elected Officials working together as one, we stand a better chance of having our message resonate loud and clear to all groups that proclaim to support us.

Please watch this 1 minute video sharing the reason CA Cities for Local Control was formed
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Listen to the City of Anderson discuss their support for CA Cities for Local Control

For more videos, please visit our YouTube channel.

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